Letters to a Beekeeper

“Letters to a Beekeeper” is a delightful book for anyone interested in beekeeping, bees, gardening or indeed letters.

The book follows the journey of two people over the course of a year and the sharing of their passions.  

Alys learns how to keep bees and Steve learns how to plant a pollinator-friendly garden.  Steve Benbow is the founder of the London Honey Company and Alys Fowler is the Guardian gardening writer.

This book is a delightful collection of lively correspondence and a love letter to honey. This book will help demystify  beekeeping and also give you ideas for how to make your garden bee-friendly.

This book is beautiful and makes a lovely book for the coffee table.  It is clear that Steve and Alys are knowledgeable in their respective fields (beekeeping and gardening) swapping stories, jokes and information and there are some lovely  photos.