7 Honey Tastes

When first asked to describe what honey tastes like, most people say “sweet”.

That is because a lot of supermarket honey is commercial honey, which is blended, heated and filtered to look and taste a certain way (mainly bland sweetness).

When it comes to raw, small-batch honey (straight from the hive to your breakfast table), there are a host of tastes you should look out for.

Sometimes finding the right words to describe honey and what it tastes like can be hard.

That is why we have pulled together a couple of easy to remember ways to describe honey tastes, which should help guide your tasting experience.

Here are some common flavours to help build your honey-tasting vocabulary:

  1. Floral Honey:petals or flowers like lavender, rose, honeysuckle and blossom.
  2. Fruity Honey:exotic and tropical fruits, or hints of dried fruit, pineapples
  3. Warm Honey:comforting caramel, burnt sugars, maybe marshmallow, and butterscotch; creamy notes of butter and deep flavours of vanilla
  4. Fresh Honey:Crisp and clean like citrus and herbs like thyme and rosemary.
  5. Vegetal Honey:Notes of fresh plants, raw vegetables, wet grass, hay and straw.
  6. Earthy Honey:Farmyard hay, manure, leather.
  7. Woody Honey:dark and heavy, oak, pine, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg.

Not all honeys are that complex. Some are light and sweet, some have gentle floral or fruity accents, others have layers of flavour that develop.

Enjoy exploring honey flavours.