A tantalising taste of Tasmania

Continuing with the theme of honey in my friends’ cupboards, I am delighted to have a Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey to showcase.

My friend J and I used to work together. She moved to Australia with her Italian husband a couple of years ago, however our love of honey has reunited us. She admitted to buying this particular honey (by the Tasmanian Honey Company) for its packaging rather than the taste (honey hunters love a beautiful label, honey jar or decorative tin). The question is, does this honey taste any good?


The verdict is, yes it does! This honey is dense and smooth. Leatherwood nectar has a very distinctive spicy aroma, and it is no surprise that J described the honey as warming and spicy on the nose and palate (with a subdued sweetness that kicks in after the spice).

This honey is unique to Tasmania, and is produced by bees feeding from the nectar of the white flowers of the Leatherwood Tree (which can be found in the remote rainforests of western Tasmania). The Tasmanian Honey Company was set up in 1978 (the year I was born) by Julian Wolfhagen, a beekeeper with a passion for Tasmania, its wild forests and honey. Their honey has not been filtered or heated, so you are eating it pretty much as it was found in the rainforest. It is regarded as a fine and rare honey.


I am sure we will feature J’s honey again, her local farmers’ market in Perth sells local Jarrah and Marri honeys in litre tubs, we would all love to hear about that wouldn’t we?