Honey from Wales

My sister’s mother-in law E, is a  retired midwife from Wales, she’s full of energy (as you would expect from someone who has helped to deliver thousands of babies). When I met her in London recently, as we were saying goodbye she slipped a small bag into my hand (with a twinkle in her eyes). No words were needed, I knew immediately that she was passing over a jar of honey.

The gift of local honey is a wonderful thing. Each jar is unique, specific to a time and place. I can not help but get excited when presented with honey. In a world of speed, honey has come to represent for me,  stillness, reflection and thought.

E’s honey is from a beekeeper in Abergavenny, a market town in Monmouthshire, Wales. If you ever have a chance, I urge you to visit the Abergavenny Food Festival, it’s the biggest food festival in Wales, showcasing a range of  food and drinks from across the country. My husband B and I went one year,  it was a delight, mainly due to the cordial Welsh hospitality (although the food was excellent).

The Welsh honey I have is from a beekeeper called H Davies, it has a beautiful deep rich golden colour. I’m not sure where the hives were placed however I know that the area has a variety of local plants, flowers and trees, including pasture land, woodlands and hedgerows.

I was initially unsure how to eat this honey so I opted for a simple and guaranteed pairing, honey, cheese and fruit, which are a delicious combination.