Galtee honey to the rescue

Galtee Honey is an absolute delight. I have been eating it under the guise of curing a sore throat and tickly cough however it is the taste that has me coming back for more.

It is hard to describe this honey, its taste is complex which is explained to some extent by the fact that the 150 hives owned by the Galtee honey farm span three counties in Ireland (Tipperary, Limerick and Cork).

The colour of this honey is a mesmerising, warm, handsome deep gold. When I bought the honey all the jars on the shelf had slightly different hues, as each hive produces different honey and so not every jar tastes or looks the same.

Galtee honey comes from an award winning farm, run by father and daughter (the Mac Giolla Codas). Due to the geographic spread of the hives the bees feed on a wide range of flora including sycamore, horse chestnut blossom, dandelion, blackberry blossom and heather. This honey is made by native Irish Black Honey Bees. I would love to visit this bee farm.

In the meantime I  shall continue taking this honey with turmeric for my cough as well as with lemon. More on that to come.

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  1. Kate

    Love honey 🙂 and loving your blog! Good stuff Z. X

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