Honey from the coast in Youghal

There are many coastal honeys from around the world that I hope to review. The only one I currently have is from a local beekeeper (Mr Robert Anthony) from Youghal (pronounced “yawl”) in Ireland.

There is something wonderful about being able to purchase a small quantity of honey from a local beekeeper. If you are ever on holiday it’s worth looking out for honey to take home with you.

This is golden runny honey and it has a mild floral sweet flavour. It doesn’t have a big personality.

I don’t know much about the beekeeper but I do know that in 2012 his honey came 3rd place at the Fota Honey Show in the category of light honey. I suspect there are very few jars of his honey for sale outside of County Cork (maybe one day someone will have a small jar of my honey in their cupboard, a joyful thought).

Youghal is a seaside town in county Cork. It has a history of Viking settlements going back to the 11th century (though it is a 7th century Irish monk that is traditionally credited with bringing the first honeybees to Ireland). Other than that there wasn’t much that made this honey feel noteworthy though its locality in itself is pleasing.

I ate my Youghal honey with an Avocado, some bee pollen and raspberries. The creamy consistency of avocado goes so well with honey, a winning combination.