Honey in my friend’s cupboard 

Christmas is over and my mission to find and review honey continues. My good friend E has been searching her cupboards for interesting honeys. Her husband P a cheese lover has picked up an interesting French Lavender honey from a cheese shop near Liverpool Street, London. It cost £10 and is priced where I think premium honeys should be. Good honey is not cheap. I’m looking forward to tasting it when we call over on New Years Day. 

E has also triumphed with an Italian Alp honey, bitter and disliked by most (her family included) though I’ve heard the sophisticated Italian palette loves it. I’ll report back once I’ve tried it.


 I’ve been looking at bee keeping courses for 2016. I’ve my eye on a two day course in south London , where you get a mentor once you’ve completed the course to help with your first bees. This may be necessary given I’m a bee keeper in training. 

One thought on “Honey in my friend’s cupboard 

  1. Emma

    As an update, I baked a loaf of honey and sunflower bread using the Italian alpine honey and rather liked it. Maybe my palette is adapting slowly…

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