Introduction to Beekeeping

My love of honey has opened up an interest in bees and for some time I have been fascinated by honey production.

I have often wondered whether I might keep bees. So, the first step in exploring this idea was to book myself onto an introduction to beekeeping course, which I completed last weekend.

The course I opted for was run by the London Beekeepers’ Association (LBKA). I booked months ago, demand for space is high and there is often a waiting list. Urban beekeeping is thriving in London and my fellow attendees were an eclectic mix.

The two day introduction by the LBKA is one of the most interesting courses I have ever been on. It was exciting, informative and delivered with enthusiasm and joy. It provided much practical insight into bee colonies and left me with an even greater appreciation of the honey bee, not only as a honey producer, but as a pollinator.

The course  covered husbandry skills, bee disease and pests, siting apiaries, keeping bees in cities, products of the hive, components of the hive, making frames and beekeeping equipment, all through lectures and hand-on sessions including inspection of a nearby sets of hives .


If you are interested in helping bees in the city then please plant bee friendly flowers in your garden and window boxes. A list of pollinator friendly plants are available on the LBKA website. By planting  forage for bees you can help to keep  pollinating insects alive and healthy for the entire season.