Mrs H, Coolmore bees and hunting for honey in Carrigaline 

We are back in London after our Christmas in Ireland.  A lovely trip and successful honey adventure.

I was delighted to obtain a few jars of the most delicious honey made by the bees at Coolmore Farm, Carrigaline, Cork. My sister in law C, who lives up in Dublin is married to a good man from Carrigaline. No sooner had I asked if they knew anyone at the farm, and Mrs H (C’s mother in law) was off, tracking down 3 jars for me in her local shop. What a true honey hunter, thank you!

Coolmore honey is a raw Irish honey, natural and it undergoes minimal treatment. The honey is extracted from the frames, then filtered and put in a jar. That’s it!

The honey has a lovely floral after taste and is not overbearingly sweet, with a beautiful viscosity and colour. It is made by the bees collecting nectar from around County Cork. It is a multi floral honey and examples of the variety of flowers and trees that the bees fed on include blackberries, clover, dandelion, heather and Lime tree.

I had the Coolmore bee honey with my  Kikbeggan organic Oats which Garrett in the English Market in Cork gave me, they were seriously the best oats I’ve ever tried. They are from a farm in Co Westmeath, Ireland and superb with honey.