Oak Honey and Cheese Pairing

Honey has a few best friends and cheese is one if them. It is such a delightful combination that if you’ve not paired these two, I urge you to do so as quickly as possible.  It is a real taste sensation. My husband B, is very fond of Parmigiano, an aged cheese with a nutty flavour. Wondering which honey I should put with it (there are quite a few to choose from in our house) I decided on a deep rich Oak honey from Wild Hives.

Oak honey is a honeydew honey, which comes from bees feeding on aphid secretions in Oak Woods. This one from Wild Hives is from Greece and was harvested in July 2015. It has a dark colour, a strong aromatic woody flavour and it is simply super with cheese.

All dairy products work brilliantly with honey. It is a winning combination, which seems to have inspired the Greeks, as far back as 2000 BC, to have created the first “honey cheese cake” on the Greek island of Samos (according to archaeological finds including a carbon dated cheese mould!). The first recipe was written down in 230AD (by this time the Greeks had been serving honey cheese cake for over 2000 years). We won’t go onto the Romans and their recipe for honey cheese cake…(nb: the history of the cheesecake is quite fascinating however I really must focus on the honey).

If you are planning on having cheese with honey then do try to go for a single variety honey such as chestnut or oak (rather than a multi floral honey). A few nuts and fruit alongside your cheese will provide an enjoyable mix of sweetness and acidity. Enjoy!