Talking Health and Honey with Bee Mercy

In my search for pure raw honey I came across Bee Mercy (a company selling an impressive range of raw honeys, ethically harvested and free from antibiotics and pesticides). As well as selling online they also sell honey at a market on North Cross Road in South London (on Saturdays). Not one to miss an opportunity to taste honey I jumped on a bus and headed over to meet them at their stall.

Bee MercyStefan the founder (an ex commercial analyst) was more than happy to let me sample some delicious honeys, they have 10 types ranging from dark and stormy Forest Honey to a light and lovely Lavender. They sell their honey in jars of 500g, for an average price of £7.99. They were doing a brisk trade, I watched their customers buying jars of honey with delight, some carrying off their usual favourite, others taking the plunge and going home with a new taste to dollop on porridge, spread on bread, eat from the jar. Does honey make you happy, judging by their faces, it certainly can.

What became evident to me whilst speaking to Stefan was that he was passionate about honey playing a vital role in our health. Which is further explained by the fact that he set up the company in 2010 in response to friend who was ill with ulcerative colitis (a condition where the colon becomes inflamed) and raw honey was sought to help aid their recovery.

There is nothing new about the link between honey and health. Honey is one of the oldest foods in existence, it has been used for thousands of years in natural remedies (see my post about Coolmore Bee Honey, where I used it with Turmeric for my cough). The Ancient Egyptians used honey as an everyday remedy and there are papyrus dating back 4000 years that list honey as a prime ingredient in prescriptions for hundreds of conditions (ranging from stomach pains, constipation to the treatment of ulcers, sores and wounds). The ancient Greeks liked to eat honey too, Aristotle claimed that those who ate honey lived longer.

So, what’s so special about honey? A concentrated solution of sugars in water, that doesn’t sound too exciting. Honey also contain amino acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Nutritionally these are insignificant however honey has shown to help certain medical conditions and treating wounds (and some honeys such a Manuka are also an effective antibacterial agent). Bee Mercy is certainly one company on a mission to help heal the world with honey, pretty delicious it is too.

So, not only is honey good for your health, it is also good for your happiness.

Bring on the honey!