The delights of honeycomb

If you are looking for fresh sweetness and fragrance, I can’t recommend eating comb honey enough. It is the ultimate form of honey, simple packed wax cells filled with pure raw natural honey, just as the bees intended.

 I don’t often see honey comb for sale and had been put off buying it as I wasn’t sure how to go about eating it. It looks just like a block of wax. You hardly see any honey as the hexagon filled cells are all covered with a wax cap (the bees are very thorough in sealing off the cell once filled with booty).

Although the wax is indigestible I now know from trying it that you can swallow the wax, it is not at all strange (it glides down easily along side the smoothness of the honey). Alternatively you can remove the wax that forms in your mouth as you eat. I had quite a bit stuck in my teeth. Whilst this doesn’t at all sound pleasurable the taste of the honey was magical, I had to stop myself from cutting more and more chunks from the block. It tasted fresh, with a lightness which made it stand out from honey from a jar.  It was great spread on toast. I can’t imagine what the first honey hunters thought when they first stumbled a across a hive and tried honey. However I feel that I’ve come pretty close.

 This particular  honey is by Hilltop Honey, a honey company set up in Powys, Wales in 2011.  They mainly specialise in British honey however this cut comb is an Acacia honey sourced from elsewhere in the EU (as the English honey tends to set very quickly).