Reasons to gift Honey

Have you ever been stuck on what to give as a gift? Maybe what to give at Christmas, what to bring for a house warming or what to a give as a birthday present?

Well, this is the end to all your woes, because I have an ideal gift idea. Gift Honey. Yes, really, a jar of honey is a wonderful gift to give, any time of the year.

I know there are tons of other gift ideas out there, however as a honey enthusiast, I think honey is a wonderful gift because it is unusual, thoughtful and it unique. Honey is a gift made by hundreds and thousands or workers, working together, exploring and pollinating flowers whilst collecting nectar. The sheer amount of work by the bees that goes into making a jar of honey is awesome. Also in a world where we fill our lives and homes with landfill items that cause damage to the earth, honey is a beacon of hope. Simple, elegant and so enjoyable with cheese, on its own and in beverages.

My favourite honey is from local beekeepers, in whatever jar they have chosen, usually raw with the name of the beekeeper and location of where the honey is from. However, in recent years I have also seen an explosion of premium honey in lovely bespoke jars. So there is a real range you can choose from. Manuka is popular and at the pricier end, or there are some lovely single flora honeys like Oak, Rosemary, Thyme that are great for the foodie in your life. Lots of different tastes, colours and places to choose from.

If you want to pair your gift of honey with something, then gifting some cheese alongside honey is lovely a combination, a great present for your host if you are going over for dinner.

Good luck with whatever you choose. However, gift aside, sharing love and kindness above all is truly the best gift to give.