Forest Honey from Zambia

If you are looking for a delicious, rich and powerful raw honey then I urge you to try Forest Honey from Tropical Forest.

This honey comes from Zambia, certified organic, raw and fair trade. Tastes good, feels great and helps others. What’s not to love?

Zambian forest honey comes from wild bees foraging deep in the remote, untamed Miombo forests, home to one of the highest densities of wild bee colonies in the world.

The honey itself is harvested by small-scale village beekeeper, using traditional bark hives.  Honey exports are providing a much needed source of income for families within forest villages. It is estimated that around 20,000 Zambian beekeepers (and  an additional 6,000 honey hunters) earn part of their income from beekeeping. A large share of these beekeepers have an income of less than one dollar a day and honey exports are helping to reduce poverty in Zambia (see here for a A Case Study of Zambian Honey Exports ).

This honey reminds me of a Himalayan Mountain honey from Kashmir that I tried earlier in the year (which was also certified organic and made by bees foraging in the forest). There is a warmth and smokiness that is distinct and it doesn’t taste much like English Honey. This honey was thick set on arrival and had an attractive caramel colour, with a strong taste and deep sweetness. This is not for those honey lovers that like something light and runny, there really is something from the forest that lingers with you on eating this honey, and it won’t disappoint those looking for something with a bit of character.