When in Wales, look for honey 

My sister T is married to R a Welshman from Abertillery, which is where they are this holiday period.  It apparently looks something like this..

They find the name of this blog hilarious, for obvious reasons. Anyone visiting this site hoping to find tips on “picking up hot women from a pro” might be mildly disappointed (or maybe find themselves excited and curious about experiencing delicious honey made by bees? One can only hope).

T and her husband are foodies, they find the best produce from farmers markets and delis, and they are far too well acquainted with the gourmet destination that is Borough Market in London. I plan to head there in the New Year to see what honey there is, maybe some urban bee honey.

My mission for T is to root out a raw Welsh honey. I heard of some great valley honeys but don’t know enough. T’s father-in-law may well use his skills of investigation to help deliver on this. Watch this space.